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    "Discover how Tessellation Art came to be..."

    I am a digital artist with a background in design and technology. Formerly a product designer, I now create artwork inspired by tessellations.


    I studied Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University and went on to work as a product designer for 10 years. This involved resolving functional and aesthetic problems with two and three dimensional geometry.

    It wasn’t until 2012 that I discovered the mathematical art of M. C. Escher and his work in tessellation. Immediately, I became fascinated by the imagery and its underlying geometric principles. I studied the rules and started creating tessellations of my own.

    In 2013, I licensed two tessellations to a London fabric house and held my first exhibition. I went on to teach tessellation workshops at a local school and following a second exhibition in 2015 I set up Tessellation Art.

    Currently I work part time as an English teacher in Prague and devote the rest of my time to new Tessellation Art projects. I record my latest developments here, including artwork, animation, articles, exhibitions and my step-by-step design process. You can also see the end results of my work at the online shop.