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    Skull Series

    The Skull Series is Tessellation Art’s new release: a new triptych digital artwork composition inspired by M. C. Escher’s work in tessellation and infinity. An accompanying behind-the-scenes video gives an animated time-lapse overview of the entire design and development process in just 3 minutes.

    A tessellating skull pattern is wrapped around a human skull. The eyes of the skull are scaled down versions of the entire image. This is then repeated infinitely. As TA fans will know, M. C. Escher is widely recognised as the father of tessellation. Both the theme of infinity and the use of skulls were commonly featured in his artwork.

    The tessellating skulls are decorated as calaveras – also known as sugar skulls. These are used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). Each of the three main skulls in the triptych have a unique decoration and colour scheme.

    The Skull series was recently unveiled at Tessellation Art’s ‘Modern Day Mosaic‘ exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic. The accompanying video gives an animated time-lapse overview of the entire design and development process… in just 3 minutes!

    It was projected at the exhibition to give the audience an insight into the design and development process. The music used in the video, by local Prague band, Analog Mountain, was performed live on the night in their debut show.

    The Skull Series is now available to buy online at the Tessellation Art Shop in canvas and print at a range of sizes.

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    Happy tessellating!




    Music: Analog Mountain | https://soundcloud.com/analogmountain
    Photography: Stefan D Raycanovski | www.sdrtravels.com
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