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    "Play my videos and find out..."

    The following resources can be used to make tessellating patterns. 

    1. What is Tessellation?

    An introduction to tessellation, explaining the basic principles.

    2. Make a Tessellation | Bird:

    A step by step guide to make a tessellating bird pattern from a square template – complete with worksheet pack.

    Download the video and worksheet for $1 at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

    The worksheet pack accompanies the video above. It guides you through the steps to make your own tessellating bird pattern, or teach it others. It includes:

    Instructions – Step by step instructions to make bird from square template.

    Template & pattern grid – Cut out one square to use as a template. Use the whole sheet for a grid to produce your final pattern.

    Finished example – This shows how to repeat the bird to make a tessellating pattern.